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Naming Ceremonies

More people are choosing to hold non-religious Naming Ceremonies to welcome a new arrival.  Whether you prefer a formal ceremony or a more relaxed, family-orientated outdoor event, we will help you have the perfect day.

Naming Ceremonies - Isle of Wight Celebrants

Baby Naming & Adoption Celebrations
A special Naming Ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate a new addition to your family.  Our ceremonies are developed with you.  We include parents’ pledges, commitment pledges from godparents (supporting adults) and there is also a chance for grandparents to make a promise too. 
If you want to make the occasion a little more meaningful for your family, why not include an extra ceremony like a Sand Ceremony or a Tree Planting.
There's always a rehearsal visit too, so that you know what will happen during the ceremony.  That way you can relax and enjoy the memories you will create. 
New Name - New Beginning
Sometimes, as adults, we go through difficult periods in our lives.  Island Celebrants offer a  New Name for a New Beginning Ceremony.   This is a unique ceremony, developed with you, to enable you to move on to a new chapter.


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